Health Updates


Don’s Heart Catheter Surgery on Friday went well. He slept almost all day Friday recovering from the anesthesia. Saturday was not only Don’s Birthday, we also had a DJ gig and he was exhausted at the end of the party. The good news is we had friends who came to our house and loaded the equipment into the truck, friends also unloaded and reloaded for us at the party site! Thank you to everyone who helped!

I spent Sunday at the “Paws for Celebration” event in Manitou Springs. This is an annual fundraiser for “Safe Place For Pets.” an all-volunteer service that works with terminally ill people in El Paso and Teller Counties in CO to find a new home for their beloved pet(s). I made a lot of contacts at the event.

Nicole had her brain surgery yesterday. They took her in about 4 hours later than scheduled so the Drs’ worked until almost 8 PM. We were pretty panicked but she is ok. She was suffering a lot on short term memory loss but that is expected to go away when the medications wear off.

I’m still taking the Plexus Triplex and I am feeling better. The Triplex consists of the Plexus Slim which is a beverage that tastes awesome, the Bio Cleanse which helps to oxygenate and Energize Your Body with Magnesium and Vitamin C and ProBio5 which contains an awesome probiotic blend.  I would love to share this product with you if this sounds like something that interests you or that you would like to try.


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