Karen Rich shares her testimony…

Praying for results even half as good as this!

Karen Rich shares her testimony…
Suffer from frequent Migraines? I did, for over 25 years! I’m talking, lights out – don’t-talk-to-me, sensitive to smell, with extreme pain and nausea. I found myself in the Emergency Room, more times than I care to remember (In fact, I can barely remember, as I would be so “out of it” – someone else would have to check me in and provide my name and insurance info). I would be tethered to a Morphine drip and given Demerol nasal spray. I have been prescribed every drug thought to help migraines (anti seizure meds, anti-depressants, opiates, etc.), all of which did nothing or the side effects were unbearable. I tried preventive and naturopathic approaches (herbs, supplements), acupuncture, biofeedback, meditation and massage therapy – to no avail. I underwent every diagnostic test known to man and was tested for food and environmental allergies and triggers. I took every over-the-counter pain killer on the market, I ate Excedrin Migraine capsules like candy and had bottles of them in every purse I owned. I took Advil every night before bed – just hoping to ward off waking up the next morning with a headache (I kept Extra Strength Tylenol in the mix too, as I thought I was becoming immune to Excedrin).
I’ve missed work, weddings, birthday/retirement parties, my own dinner parties, sporting events – you name it, LIFE! Every time I would RSVP in advance to an event I would secretly think “Oh God, please don’t let me have a migraine that day!” Never knowing if I would or not. My migraines interfered with virtually every personal relationship I had with family, friends and coworkers. I would sometimes lie about having a migraine….say it was something else….as they were so frequent, I was embarrassed that I couldn’t control them and I felt that others viewed it as a “weakness” or inability to handle stress.
I found that the drug Imitrex was the only thing that would phase my headaches, even though the after effects were undesirable – nausea, brainfog, fatigue. I had two different Dr’s prescribing it for me (as the pharmacy would only dispense 9 tablets at a time)…which is pretty much illegal, known as “Dr Shopping.” I NEVER left home without a few tablets, prior to any travel, the first thing on my list was to refill my Imitrex.
I say all of this because I want people to understand the significance of the fact that I HAVE NOT HAD ONE MIGRAINE HEADACHE since I took the first sip of Plexus Slim on January 2014 – more than one year ago!!!!!! I mean, it completely and totally blows my mind to know that I don’t even have a prescription for Imitrex anymore!!!! None! Gone-zo, I’m FINISHED with that chapter of my life and am so excited for a headache free future!!!!
If you, or someone you know suffers with Migraines, PLEASE just try Plexus products. They just may change your life in a very big wonderful way!!!!



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