Plexus and Autism

Another amazing story!

Jaycinda shares about her brother
Since it’s ‪#‎AutismAwarenessMonth‬ I thought it would be fitting to share a little bit about my Brother Trey and the changes we have seen in him this past 6 months after starting him on Plexus Products.
It’s been 12 years since my baby brother was diagnosed with ‪#‎autism‬ and my mom has done SO much research over the years. She came across information about gut health and we all went gluten free for month(that was WAY to expensive for this family and to be honest gluten free brownies taste disgusting 😜). Next my mom found ‪#‎jennymccarthy‬‘s method of oxygenizing cells with an oxygen chamber (sounds both weird and expensive?.. well It was). My mom came across the importance of Magnesium for autistic children and finally she came across different engaging ways to teach him so that he could focus and learn.
So Crazy thing, a friend told my mom about plexus and how is was benefiting her down syndrome little boy so my mom looked into it… and WOW! Plexus offers the Probio 5 and Bio Clense that restores gut health and oxygenizes cells, Plexus MegaX has omegas 3,6,9,5, AND 7. These omegas support brain health and development.
People my brother is playing sports like basketball and golf with other kids his age … and EXCELLING in them!!! He will sit down to do his school work and my mom isn’t fighting for his attention. He is WAY more aware of his emotions and the emotions of others. And he is an all around happier kid.
I’ve always considered my autistic brother a blessing but it’s been absolutely AMAZING to watch him grow and change over the past 6 months. ‪#‎Plexus‬ ‪#‎guthealth‬ ‪#‎oxegenizingbloodcells


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