What does deprive mean to you?


This can be a pretty interesting topic which raises a lot of questions.

Do you deprive yourself of things you love in order to be able to feel better, live healthier or achieve a goal?

I am working more on moderation than deprivation. For instance I love Red Meat, but it doesn’t love me as much. If I eat a small amount I feel much better than when I eat a whole steak (not that I can eat a whole steak anymore!) Ice Cream is one of my favorite treats, half a cup instead of a large bowl. This type of deprivation helps me feel healthier, sleep better and lose weight.

I have also decided to NOT deprive myself of supplements and things that can help with healing my body and help me lose weight. This is why I have started taking the supplements I take. I frequently hear “It’s too expensive!” “How can a product that is not prescribed by a Dr. help?” For the daily regime (3 products) I am taking I have a very low daily cost especially when compared with my prescription cost. After several years of ill-health I don’t believe that Dr’s are the be all and end all of good health.

This daily combo is clinically proven to assist in weight loss. I am taking supplement that are plant-based produced by a health and wellness company. The products help to balance blood sugars, reduce inflammation and heal the gut.

Do you have any health concerns?



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