Earning with Plexus!

If you’ve ever heard:
“Only the people at the TOP make all the money,” or
“Well, 80% of the people aren’t making any money, so it MUST NOT be legitimate”
Watch this…interesting perspective!


Thankful to be in an industry where being at the top is not only desirable…but POSSIBLE!!
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Cute and Functional

I drink loose leaf tea exclusively so when I saw this silicone steeper I was intrigued. I have several steepers but I love that this one is so adorable. The Manatee peeks over the edge of your cup and my grandkids love it. The holes on this are a little larger so it works great for pureah or oolong tea. There is plenty of room in the tail of the Manatee for your tea leaves. It’s dishwasher safe so that makes it easy to clean. I love it for my herbal teas and fruit teas as well. It goes together and comes apart easily but does not fall open. It also does not add any flavor to your tea. I recommend this for anyone who, like me, loves loose leaf tea. I received this Kaboochy Manatee Silicone Tea Infuser for a discount in exchange for my honest review after using it.