Don’t Let Life Bludgeon You! Live Like You Know Your Value!


As I made the one hour trip to visit my Dr. today I heard a song on the radio that got me thinking! The title of the song is “Live Like You’re Loved!” by Hawk Nelson. There is a line in the song that says “Live Like You Know You’re Value Born”

This one line really made me started the thoughts rolling in my mind. How often do we deny our own value? Either consciously or unconsciously. I know I have done it a lot.

I can’t try that… I can’t do that… I don’t deserve that..

Why didn’t I do that better? Why me? Etc.

All of these statements and many, many more devalue who we are and what we do. I have dealt with a lot in my life. Tragedy, bullying, loss of my parents, sexual assault and familial suicide attempts. I have also experienced significant health challenges in the past few years. All of this combined has bludgeoned my self esteem and made me feel less than worthy.

I have also experienced wonder and triumph. I raised two beautiful boys, served my country in the US Army, gained a beautiful daughter with my second marriage and have volunteered extensively in my communities. While all this helped me with my self worth and self esteem, there has always been something lacking in how I view myself.

Listening to this song today I realized I am worth it. God doesn’t make junk and it dishonors him to not “Live Like You’re Loved”  It’s not an extravagance for me to feel worth it. It’s not an extravagance to live with-in my means but allow myself to have the best when it come to how I care for this temple that God gave me.

This is why I would never think that my Plexus Supplements are too expensive. They are so worth fitting into our budget. These products are helping me to feel better from the inside out. They are natural, healthy and plant based supplements. These products are designed to meet the challenges that we all face in our environment today.

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